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Happy Friday! Hope everyone is as ready for the weekend as I am? You know where to find me…..working on my new home office for the One Room Challenge!

One thing this One Room Challenge has made me realize is that is so important to have a plan when tackling any home project! If you don’t have a plan and you’re like me, I find that my project ADD kicks in and I move from one project to the next and then get frustrated when I’m not making any progress. I know most of what you’ve seen so far on my blog is DIY projects but I also a major lover of all things organization! I love planning out anything, especially home projects. I don’t claim to be the best or know everything about planning a project but I have found that my system keeps me on track. This One Room Challenge makeover seems like the perfect opportunity for me to share with you how I plan a project….plus there is a fun FREE printable!

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So here we go:

Create a Project File:

I still like to stay old school on this and create a folder. Inside the folder I include my project planning worksheet, notes pages (included in the FREE printable), inspiration photos, samples, etc. This is a great way to keep everything in one location for easy access.

Print Out Your Project Planning Worksheets:

Project Planning, Project Plan, Project Planning Printable, Free Printable, Printable

I created this project planning worksheet and I am sharing it with you for FREE! Feel free to print as many as you would like.

Project Planning, Project Plan, Project Planning Printable, Free Printable, Printable

{Click here to download your FREE project planning worksheet}

Plan Your Project:

Use this worksheet as a guide for your project plan. Whether your project is big or small this worksheet can help you get a good snapshot of the project and what you need to get and do to make the project a reality. Here are a few ways that I like to use this worksheet:

  • Give your project a name. I always give my project a name, it just gives it a more personal touch in my opinion and helps you keep track easier. Especially if you have more that one project going at a time.
  • Write out what you need. From what materials you need to get, to the place you are going to purchase them, to the budget for the project.
  • Keep track of measurements. This way you have all of your measurements in one spot and can easily find them when you’re out looking for something or need the information fast without having to re-measure.
  • Draw out your plan. I have been known to even draw out my vision for the space on the notes page of the worksheet. You can even attach cut-outs or swatches here as well.

Find Your Inspiration:

Even though I have been known to free hand my vision for a room in the past, now I usually make an inspiration board instead. You can do this with any photo editing software, but my favorites are Canva, Photoshop, and PicMonkey.

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My photo inspiration board is where I will put things like furniture I want to purchase, DIY projects I want to try, my color scheme, rugs, paint colors…..you can do anything with this! Pinterest is my go-to to find inspiration for any home project big or small. Somewhere someone has done it before and posted it on Pinterest.

Clear out Your Space:

After you have your plan in place, it is important to clear everything from the space. This gives you a blank slate. You will then have a better vision of your space.

I usually always change something from my plan after I do this step. I find that after everything is cleared out and I have a better way to visualize the space that I end up feeling like something I really thought would be great really wouldn’t work out after all. I have also run into the issue of realizing that something may not even fit it the space or would clash with something else.

When I am clearing out the space, this is a good time to decide what you want to keep and what you don’t. I alway make 3 piles: Keep, Donate, & Sell. Home projects are the best time to purge. I always feel better after the project because I know that everything left are things that I really love. It also makes it feel more clean and organized.

Buy and Budget:

This one is the fun one! When planning a project one of the first things I do is set my budget. Without a budget things can get out of control very quickly!

Before I actually make my list for items for the project I go around and look around my house and in my storage and pull from that first. I always have items in my home that would look better somewhere else or that overtime I am not using but still really love that would go perfectly in the new space.

After I have scanned my home for items I can reuse, then I make my shopping list. This is also a very important step….writing out exactly what you need and what you’re willing to spend. This will keep you from those impulse buys and keep you on track with your budget.

Make sure to shop around. Every time I find something I want for a project I search the internet to find the best price. This can really save you a ton!

Complete That Project:

This is the last and final step. After you have your plan in place, know your inspiration, cleared out your space, and have what you needed for the project it is time to complete that project!

Celebrate…..you’ve done it!

Project planning doesn’t have to be overwhelming and can be fun! Grab your FREE printable, get your creative juices flowing, and get to planning that next home project!

What is your biggest struggle with having an organized project?




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