4 Bed Making Essentials for the Perfect Fluffy Bed


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We see them all over the internet and in every store like Pottery Barn, but how do they get their beds to look so cozy and fluffy? I have done my research and spent years trying to come up with the perfect fluffy bed. With the colder months coming one of my favorite things to do at night is snuggle into a cozy warm bed. So how do you get that perfect fluff and just the right amount of warmth? I’m going to share with you my 4 bed making essentials that will make the perfect fluffy bed every time.

Pretty blue bedding with matching pillows

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How to Make the Perfect Bed

Essential 1: My trick to make my bed look just as fluffy as the ones at Pottery Barn is to use two duvet inserts instead of one! I use two light duvets together, not two thick ones. I have been doing this for a few years now, and I promise you just this one change makes a huge difference in fluff and looks. I prefer in the warmer months to have my duvet folded up at the end of the bed instead of covering the whole bed (which can be too warm in the summer). To get this look I fold it over itself 3 times and fluff it up at the end of the bed mainly for looks and if I get too cold at night I can always unfold it.

Cozy Bedding in blue

Essential 2: Make sure to use the correct amount of pillows. For a king bed, I feel like you should use 3 euro shams and 2 king shams. Then you can add a decorative pillow in front like a bolster pillow. My tip to get the euro shams to stand up straight and tall is to stack my “sleeping pillows” behind them. You can’t see them once the bed is made, and they push the decorative pillows forward.

Primary Bedroom with nightstand and decor.

Essentials 3: Good sheets are very important. Your bed can look warm and cozy, but if you don’t have a good set of sheets you are missing out. I rotate my sheets out depending on the season. I love a good set of linen sheets for the warmer months and then a more silky percale sheet for the cooler months.

Made bed with a quilt and blue duvet cover.

Essential 4: Lastly, I love to use a quilt between my sheets and duvet cover. Especially for the warmer months the quilt is just the perfect amount of warmth. Then in the cooler months I will switch to using my duvet cover with the quilt folded over the duvet. I am a super hot sleeper and would rather be cold than warm so the quilt is perfect for me. Plus you can never go wrong with the look of a classic waffle or stitched quilt. This is the exact quilt I have and love.

So if you’re looking to have that Pottery Barn fluffy bed, these essentials will give your that perfect fluffy bed each and every time.

Bed Making Essentials for a fluffy bed

This post contained affiliate links for your convenience. For more info. please see my full disclosures here



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