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You don’t have to spend a lot of money to get that fall look you love! This inexpensive DIY fall moss wreath will have your home fall ready in no time.

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I don’t know about you, but my favorite time of year is the transition from summer to fall! This year I wanted my fall porch decor to be inviting with beautiful pops of fall color. I fell in love with JOANN’s fall decor this year and I can’t wait to share with you more photos of their fun fall decor I used on my front porch, but first how to make that fun and bright fall moss wreath!

Materials Needed:

How to make an easy DIY Fall Moss Wreath:

1) Gather Your Supplies – I wanted to keep this wreath simple but also pop, so I found the light green moss and this project in whole took me 6 bags of the reindeer moss. Something I want to give a try are their sheets of moss, but for this project the bags seemed simpler. I also picked up a few of the pumpkin picks. Feel free to add other picks as well, they have a huge selection! 🙂

2) Hot Glue Your Moss – I found this process to be the easiest by starting with the sides of the foam wreath, then working my way to the top of the wreath, and finishing by adding moss to the inside of the foam form. After applying the hot glue I would grab a handful of moss and hold it down for a few seconds to make sure it would stick. You will have some moss that will fall off, but no worries you can always go back and fill in holes later!

After you have finished with the sides of the foam start applying moss to the top and making sure to try and fill in and connect to the moss on the sides.

You won’t mess it up by pressing down hard on the moss. It will pop back up. I have found working with moss to be very easy and forgiving. It seems to spread and cover very nicely.  Now finish up by adding moss to the inside of the foam wreath.

3) Add Your Pumpkin Picks – Lastly cut your picks down to about 3 inches (just long enough to stick into the foam), and place your pumpkins where you like them! You can add as many as you like. Play with it and see what you can come up with, you can always take them out and move them around.

4) Attach Burlap – Lastly you will make a hanger with the burlap fabric. I picked burlap because I loved the look against the green moss, but you can play around with different fabrics until you come up with something you love. Then hang on your door and enjoy the bright fall beauty!

Now let’s go check out more of that fun fall decor I found at JOANN! I wanted my porch decor to be both cozy and traditional and I just loved JOANN’s fall decor this year. It was hard to decide! Everyone knows JOANN has tons and tons of fabric, but their plaid fabric was so cute with the pops of orange (the photo makes the fabric look red, but it is orange). I grabbed several yards of the fabric and used it on my antique rocking chair. And check out that cute fall hanging sign. JOANN’s signs this year were all super cute and fun!

I also incorporated the fabric in one of my planters that I was going to use to hold my pumpkins. Let’s talk about these pumpkins for a minute. I am so happy JOANN carries these mess free carving pumpkins. They are so cool and you have to grab a few this year to try out. I got some in orange and white!

I also picked up this cute wooden lantern to hold a few of their smaller pumpkins. How cute is this lantern?!

Everything just all seemed to come together so perfectly and JOANN made that happen!

I can’t wait to hear what you all think of the fall decor from JOANN this year. In case you want to go pick up some of these things yourself here is a full source list:

I found all of these amazing products at JOANN!

DIY Fall Moss Wreath - Cozy Fall Front Porch - Fall Front Porch


This post contained some affiliate links for your convenience. Click here to read my full disclosure policy






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