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The Best Shades of White for Interiors


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There are thousands of different shades of white paint. So how do you go about choosing the right one. To give you somewhere to start I am going to share with you what I think are some of the best interior white paint colors!

Shades of White Paint

Finding the right shades of white can be tricky. It can all depend on the undertones, the LRV (light reflective value), and many other factors. They aren’t all created equal and they may look the same which makes the task of finding the right one even more daunting. So I thought I would save you a little bit of trouble and narrow some for you. I’m going to share some of my favorites that I think look timeless and stunning in homes, show you some photo examples, and then answer some FAQs below. Let’s get started! If you’re looking for other interior paint color options check out the list of The Best Farmhouse Paint Colors.

Choosing White Paint Colors

Best Shades of White Paint

Natural Choice Sherwin Williams

One of my current shades of white for my home is Natural Choice. The color seems to change depending on its surroundings, but in a good way. In my kitchen were there are more wood undertones, it looks more creamy. In my living room with more blue and blush colors, it looks more gray. There isn’t a room in my house painted this color that I don’t like.

Natural Choice Color Swatch

Chantilly Lace Benjamin Moore

You don’t have to look far on the internet to know that Chantilly Lace is one of the most popular whites used by designers all over.It is considered a pretty pure white and when held up to other whites you can see the undertones come out in the other whites.

Chantilly Lace Color Swatch

Alabaster Sherwin Williams

Still one of my personal favorites, and one I have used throughout my home for trim, baseboards, & door paint you really can’t go wrong with this warm white. It seems to bring the best out in any color it is paired with.

Alabaster Paint Swatch

White Dove Benjamin Moore

Quickly becoming one of my new favorite whites! White Dove has been my go to for the last two spec houses I have helped design and it looks stunning when mixed with a contrast of grays and greiges. White Dove tends to have a tinge of gray.

White Dove Color Swatch

Swiss Coffee Benjamin Moore

Swiss Coffee is a warm creamy white that tends to look really good with natural wood and natural tones. This is a beautiful color if you’re looking to make you space feel warmer but not dark.

Swiss Coffee Color Swatch

Simply White Benjamin Moore

Simple White tends to change tones depending on the other colors used in the space. It can look warm when mixed with warmer colors or cooler when mixed with cooler tones. Another really great trim and ceiling paint color!

Simply White Paint Swatch

White Blush Benjamin Moore

The name of White Blush is a bit deceiving. If you look at the paint chip you can see a slight pink undertone, but when up on walls it looks like a beautiful creamy white and looks great with gray and greiges.

White Blush Paint Swatch

Pure White Sherwin Williams

Pure White is another really pretty white that seems to look great with any other colors it is paired with.

Pure White Paint Swatch

Decorators White Benjamin Moore

Another very popular white across the internet is Decorators White. This is a bright white that looks wonderful in any room that brings in a lot of natural light.

Decorators White Paint Swatch

Super White Benjamin Moore

Super White is another classic white that looks beautiful as trim, baseboard, and ceiling paint. It also looks really pretty on walls and is bright and creamy.

Super White Paint Swatch

Snowbound Sherwin Williams

I know a lot of people used to use Snowbound a lot for trim paint before Alabaster came out. Still a great choice though for your trim and ceiling paint.

Snowbound Paint Swatch

Navajo White Benjamin Moore

Navajo White has the potential to be a beautiful color for the right space. You really have to be careful with this color because it has a tendency to look yellow in certain lights. I would really paint samples on the wall first and live with it for a few days before making a decision. Or you can always have them lighten it up a bit at the paint store.

Navajo White Paint Swatch

Creamy White Benjamin Moore

One of my new favorite whites. It has the most beautiful creamy color and looks absolutely stunning painted on cabinets and vanities.

Creamy White Paint Swatch

Creamy Sherwin Williams

A beautiful soft and creamy white that can be used on trim, ceilings, walls, and doors. It all looks stunning!

Creamy Paint Swatch

Linen White Benjamin Moore

This is a true creamy white. It will make the room feel warmer and looks wonderful when paired with lighter colors and in rooms with a lot of natural white.

Linen White Paint Swatch

Extra White Sherwin Williams

Another true bright white, Extra White, is a versatile color that can be used anywhere throughout your home and look great.

Extra White Paint Swatch

Moonlight White Benjamin Moore

Moonlight White is a bright white and has a clean feel and another great trim and ceiling paint option.

Moonlight White Paint Swatch

Common Mistakes When Choosing White Paint

  • Using warm whites with dark trim – when you use warmer white with dark trim, it will make it feel dingy and dark.
  • Choosing the wrong sheen of paint – another common mistake is choosing the wrong sheen of paint. Here is a rule of thumb on choosing the right paint sheen:
    • Ceiling – needs to be flat
    • Walls – Eggshell is the recommended sheen for walls. Doesn’t shine but easier to clean than flat.
    • Baseboards – Semi-glass is my recommended sheen for baseboards, but I know some use satin.
    • Cabinetry – Satin finish
  • Not taking into account undertones and LRV – to really know a colors true undertone I suggest taking the paint swatches from the color family you are looking at and lay them all next to each other. Then you will see more of what each colors undertone is. For LRV, just check the back of the paint swatch. LRV goes from 1-100 and the larger the number, the more light the color will bounce back into a room and make look brighter. The lower the number the less light it will bounce around.
  • Painting a room bright white thinking it will make the room look brighter – in your mind, this makes sense, but in reality it’s not always the case. You will always want to take into account how much natural light the room already gets and the LRV. Sometimes rooms that don’t receive a lot of natural light turn out better with a warmer white than brighter white.

What is the Best Shade of White for Walls

It really depends on the mood you’re going for in a space when deciding on the perfect shade of white for your walls. However, you can’t go wrong with Chantilly Lace, White Dove, Alabaster, Natural Choice, and Creamy. My favorite out of these would be Natural Choice. Natural Choice seems to make every room look its best.

Natural Choice Paint Color

Sherwin Williams Natural Choice {Source: Decor Pad}


What is the Brightest White Paint

If I was choosing the brightest white on this list, I would either go with Chantilly Lace or Decorator’s White. Both are pretty pure bright whites.

Decorators White

Benjamin Moore Decorators White {Source: Home Bunch}

Chantilly Lace Paint Color

Benjamin Moore Chantilly Lace {Source: Home Bunch}


Best Warm White Paint Colors

My favorite warm whites from the list would be Swiss Coffee and Creamy White. These are some of my favorite warm whites that don’t make a room look dark or yellow.

Swiss Coffee Paint Color

Benjamin Moore Swiss Coffee {Source: Studio McGee}

Creamy White Walls

Benjamin Moore Creamy White {Source: Unknown}

Best White Paint for Ceilings

When deciding on white paint for the ceiling I would go for matching your trim color. My recommendations for ceiling paint are White Dove, Alabaster, Snowbound, and Creamy (SW).

Room Painted in White Dove

Benjamin Moore White Dove {Source: Home Bunch}

Sherwin Williams Alabaster Walls

Sherwin Williams Alabaster {Source: The Harper House}

Snowbound Paint Color

Sherwin Williams Snowbound {Source: Decor Pad}

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