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Happy Monday! I want to apologize that with the One Room Challenge going on I have fallen a week behind on my 8 Small Home Projects that Make a Huge Impact Series. Hopefully now we are back on track! This series is all about small home projects that can make a huge impact. We have gone from painting your interior, to staining your front door, to updating your door hardware. This week we are going to talk about beautiful area rugs.

Area rugs can drastically make a home look and feel different. I will admit that this was something that until recently I really didn’t put much thought into. I tend to just throw down a neutral tan jute rug and call it a day, but I am happy to say I am branching out! I haven’t updated every room with new beautiful rugs, but it is something that is on my to-do list and I am slowly making my way around to it. In the mean time until I can share with you all of my personal choices for new rugs throughout the house, I thought I would share with you some of my favorites that I have found along the way.



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I must say I am falling hard for these area rugs. They are neutral enough to really go with the style of most homes and the colors are just fabulous. Prices on area rugs can really vary from a few hundred dollars to thousands of dollars. I have never been the one to spend thousands of dollars on an area rug. I have spent several hundred and I have also spent only a hundred or so and sometimes you really can’t tell the difference between the ones that cost thousands and the ones that don’t.

All of these rugs above range from blues, greys, to creams/browns. It really is something for every style and they are all available in different sizes and some are even available in runners or different shapes.

I have bought rugs in the past and they came in and looked great, but they weren’t that soft or they were very thin. When this happened I tried putting a rug pad under it and it really seemed to make all the difference. Something else that is kind of the “in” thing right now and also seems to help the problem is to layer your rugs.

One of my favorite ways to layer rugs is to layer a vintage looking rug over a jute or wool rug. I own several jute rugs ranging from ones I bought at HomeGoods,Target, Ikea, and Pottery Barn.

Here are some of my favorite jute or wool rugs that I personally own:

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Even though I am trying really hard to get away from all jute/wool rugs, I am trying to still incorporate them into my decor through layering or as-is. I feel they are so neutral and classic that you can’t go wrong with them.

So where are the best places to find rugs for your home? I used to think that the only place you could get beautiful rugs were places like Pottery Barn or Restoration Hardware. Hence the reason I only had plain ole rugs in my house….the cost! Since doing more research on rugs for my home I have been blown away with the selection out there. I still do love Pottery Barn rugs, but now I mostly go to Amazon (my go-to first for everything!), Target, Plush Rugs, Wayfair, and Overstock.

Some other really great places to find some real vintage rugs are estate sales, antique shops, and flea markets! I am a regular at the local Nashville Flea Market, and the past few times I have had my eye out for some real vintage rugs. I hadn’t had any luck the past two go arounds, but this time I spotted it, the perfect vintage rug for my home office that I am making over for the One Room Challenge. You can check out more about it here, but check out this beauty!

Vintage Grey Rug, Grey rug, rugs, vintage rug, rug decor

Another really great place to find some awesome rugs for your home is Ikea. Since an Ikea was built about an hour from me this past winter, I find myself spending more time than I should wondering the isles of Ikea! I have found some great rug finds there and at a great price.

Just look at these super cute woven rugs. They come in several colors and the best part is they are only $3.99. I still can’t believe this. I own a couple of these and they are great. They don’t feel or look like $4 rugs. I have also seen several things on Pinterest where people have taken two of these rugs and sewn them together to make a bigger rug…I may have to give that a try.

ikea rugs, ikea, rugs

I also think this one looks really pretty and would be great for an entryway rug!

ikea rugs, ikea, rugs

And of course they have woven rugs at a great price too. I can’t seem to get away from the woven rugs!

ikea, ikea rugs, rugs

How hard is this decision between all these is going to be for me to make when the time comes?! Hopefully these beautiful area rugs have helped you find some rug inspiration!

Where is your favorite place to shop for rugs?

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This post contained affiliate links. For more information, see my disclosures here

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