How to Make Homemade Bath Bombs


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Quickly melt away the stress with these homemade bath bombs! Just follow this easy recipe that you can use over and over again to make any way you want.

DIY Bath Bombs

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I don’t know about you, but one of my favorite things to do at night is relax in my bath with a good book. Then the invention of bath bombs made that moment even better! They are amazing and come in all different scents. It wasn’t until I was in a local shop that sells them that the thought hit me, I bet I could make these on my own for the price they were selling one for. Well I did my friends and I am in love with the results! It was just like following a recipe and it was so easy and fun and I’m going to show you how you can make homemade bath bombs easy and simple!


Bath Bomb Recipe Ingredients and Materials

Supplies to make homemade bath bombs

How to Make DIY Bath Bombs

Step 1: Combine Dry Ingredients – In a large bowl combine your baking soda, epsom salt, citric acid, and corn starch. Be sure to whisk it up pretty well.

Mixing ingredients for bath bombs

ย Step 2: Add your dried roses – the roses I purchased were small buds so I was able to roll them between my fingers for the petals to easily fall off or you could buy petals and crush them up into your dry ingredients. Be sure to mix them up well into your dried ingredients so they get distributed all the way through.

Adding roses to bath bomb mixture

Mixing all ingredients to make bath bombs

Step 3: Mix together your wet ingredients – In a separate bowl mix together your almond oil, water, rose oil, and eucalyptus oil.

adding rose oil to bath bombs

Step 4: Combine all ingredients – Combine together your dry and wet ingredients in the large mixing bowl. You will see it start to fizz and bubble…that is normal, but try to go slow with this step! ๐Ÿ˜‰

Adding oil to bath bombs

Step 5: Whisk well all ingredients – Whisk all of the ingredients together well. Make sure that you are feeling of your mixture along the way. I ended up dropping the whisk and using my hands to get it all mashed up. It should feel like damp sand. If it feels too dry add a tsp of water and mix together. Keep doing that until it feels damp. Don’t over do it though! Pick some up and mash it together and if it holds shape, you’re ready to go.

Step 6: Fill your molds – Now it’s time to fill those molds! This batch makes about 4 large and a couple of small bath bombs. Fill one side of the mold making sure to pack it in pretty well but overfill it a little bit. Then fill the other half of the mold the same way and mash them together.

Adding bath bomb mixture to molds

Step 7: Let them harden – I let mine sit in the molds for about an hour and then I took them out and laid them on a towel to completely dry over night. You may have to gently wiggle them out of the molds a little but they will come out. I twisted each piece of the mold until they loosened up. Then you’re done! You have beautiful bath bombs that smell amazing and are perfect for your relaxing night in the tub away from it all!

Homemade bath bombs on plate

Homemade rose bath bombs

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How Long do DIY Bath Bombs Last?

After a little research on this topic, the most consistent answer was to treat the ingredients in bath bombs like food. The shelf life of the ingredients in bath bombs is six months. I’m sure you’ll have them used up by then ๐Ÿ˜‰

Top Tips for Making Bath Bombs

  • Try and use liquid food coloring. The gel food coloring tends to clump when mixed in.
  • Work quickly. Once you have all of your ingredients together try and work as quickly as possible to get them into the molds.
  • Be sure to store them in a cool dry place to get longer life out of them.
  • Have fun with them! Get crazy and add as many colors as you like.

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So what do you think? What would be a scent you would want to try?

How to Make Homemade Bath Bombs

Homemade Bath Bombs

How to make homemade bath bombs

DIY Bath Bombs

This post contained some affiliate links for your convenience. For more info, please see my full disclosures here.ย 



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  1. Beth says:

    Love this project! Definitely pinning for later!

  2. Yes! I may have to repost this on my blog. May I use your photos and link back to you, giving you photo credit? It’s okay if you have to say “no.” ๐Ÿ™‚

    This may be a good Saturday project for my dd and me!

    • Holly @ Life on Southpointe Drive says:

      Of course you can! Sharing is always welcome and appreciated! Glad you liked the post….it was really easy and fun!

  3. Susanne says:

    Holly, I have always wanted to makes bath bombs, I just can’t see paying the price for store bought ones! Thanks so much for the tutorial, I think I may give it a go! And thank you so much for sharing with us at Create and Celebrate!!!

    • Holly @ Life on Southpointe Drive says:

      You should totally give it a try! I don’t think I will ever buy store bought again!;-)

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