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Does farmhouse style make you swoon?! If so, you’re going to love my post today. I am sharing 15 Ways to Get Farmhouse Style in Your Home. So if you’re thinking about transitioning your home into the farmhouse style this is the perfect post for you!

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What is Farmhouse Style

You don’t have to live on a farm to be able to enjoy the farmhouse style and farmhouse way of life. Farmhouse style doesn’t mean you live on a farmhouse, but instead you are wanting to live the farmhouse way of life. So what is the farmhouse way of life? The farmhouse way of life is known to be simple, charming, and practical.

The farmhouse style tends to add in aspects of rustic and rural architecture but today in todays world also includes modern amenities and comforts. Farmhouse style decor can be mixed in with new or modern decor and still come across as beautiful & timeless.

Basic Elements of Farmhouse Style (15 Ways to the Get Farmhouse Style)

  • Reclaimed Wood – using reclaimed wood throughout your home gives you the opportunity to bring warmth and texture to your home. Using reclaimed wood from old barns and farmhouses is also a great way to bring history into your home. You’ll be hard to find a farmhouse or even a modern farmhouse that doesn’t have a little reclaimed wood somewhere in their home!

Source: Unknown

  • Comfortable Furniture – one of my personal favorite aspects of farmhouse style is the oversized comfortable furniture it is known for. It can be an oversized chair in the corner for reading or even a cozy bench at the kitchen table. You’ll be hard to find a farmhouse without something cozy!

Source: Six Penny


  • Mixing Old & New Design Elements – to have a modern farmhouse doesn’t mean everything in your home has to be old, vintage, or reclaimed. What I love about Farmhouse Style is that you can mix the old with the new. For example my dining room houses a vintage sideboard and top of it I have new chinoiserie lamps.


  • Neutral Colors – the farmhouse style is known for it’s neutral color palette. You will see many shades of whites, creams, and sometimes grays. This neutral color palette makes sure to let in a lot of light and make the whole space bright and airy. If you’re looking for farmhouse color inspiration check out The Best Farmhouse Paint Colors.


  • Architectural Salvage – It may be an old church window, vintage French door, or even raw beams from an old barn, but adding architectural salvage is a great way to bring farmhouse style into your home. It’s also such a great way to bring history and character into your home and they always become a fun conversational piece.

Source: Post Cards from the Ridge

Source: Etsy

  • Vintage Accessories – one of my favorite things to do on the weekends is to go check out some of the local Antique shops. I always seem to find at least one vintage piece to add to my collection! If a trip to the antique shop is not possible there are some really great places online to find these pieces. Some of my favorites are Etsy and Weston Table.


  • Farmhouse Lighting & Hardware – nothing says farmhouse style like the perfect lighting and cabinet and door hardware! So many great companies make replicas that would think are the real thing. Cabinet latches are some of my favorite way to bring farmhouse style into the kitchen.

Source: Unknown

Source: The Handmade Home

  • Open Shelving – Open shelving is very common in farmhouse kitchens. It is a great place to show off your working kitchen by displaying your mixing bowls, vintage accessories, and many other kitchen gadgets.


  • Incorporating Wallpaper – wallpaper is not only common in the farmhouse style but it’s really making a come back. Most farmhouses added character and style to their homes through wallpaper. There are so many beautiful modern farmhouse wallpapers these days and it would look great in a bedroom or bathroom.


  • Chalk Paint & Milk Painted Furniture – so you’ve found that perfect vintage piece of furniture and want to bring it back to life and give it a little updating? Chalk Paint and Milk Paint techniques give the perfect farmhouse style look. If you’re looking for a tutorial you can check out my guide on how to use milk paint or chalk painted chair tutorial for more ideas!

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  • Distressed Furniture – So you’ve got your farmhouse style furniture painted with either milk paint or chalk paint and now what? Another aspect of farmhouse style is distressed furniture. With a simple technique  you can achieve the look of the a piece of aged furniture that looks like it belongs in a vintage farmhouse.


  • Cozy Linens – you can imagine lying in bed with the window open and a nice breeze coming through the window as you cozy up with a book and tea under your linen sheets! Farmhouse style bedding and kitchen linens are airy, neutral, and oh so comfy. If you are looking for truly vintage linens you can find them on sites like Etsy. If you want the same look but new, places like Pottery Barn, Peacock Alley, and Amazon all have beautiful choices for linens!


  • White Ironstone – Traditional Ironstone is my favorite and I have collected some beautiful pieces over the years. Any farmhouse style home would be lucky to have some Ironstone on it’s shelves. They would look perfect on your open shelving in the kitchen or showcased throughout the home. Not only is it a perfect accessory for a farmhouse style home, it is also timeless and classic.

Source: Edith & Evelyn Vintage

  • Fresh Flowers – farmhouse style also includes bringing greens and flowers from the garden inside. Adding flowers and plants to your decor is an easy and quick way to style and brighten up your home.


  • Working Kitchen – lastly the working kitchen is a staple of any farmhouse. This can be achieved in the modern age with open shelving, vintage kitchenware, and even with a vintage farmhouse stove. On a traditional farm, the kitchen was the work horse of the home. There was always someone cooking, baking, or canning!

Where to Find Farmhouse Decor

  • Antique Farmhouse – probably my favorite place to snag some farmhouse decor is Antique Farmhouse. They have daily deals and have new things added daily so you are sure to find that perfect piece for your home. Some of my favorites to buy from Antique Farmhouse are their kitchen accessories and bedding!

  • Decor Steals – another site with some awesome daily deals on farmhouse decor is Decor Steals! Some of their most popular items sell out quickly so make sure to sign up for their email list so you know when they release their newest decor.

  • Amazon – we all know we can find just about anything on Amazon, and that also goes for farmhouse decor! Some of my best budget friendly farmhouse decor finds were found on Amazon!

  • Etsy – I love supporting small businesses and Etsy is my favorite way to do that. You can find so many vintage and vintage replicas on Etsy that will look great in your home. There is an abundance of farmhouse decor on Etsy!


DIY Farmhouse Decor

I have shared many DIY projects here on my site that are fun and easy DIY farmhouse decor projects in case you would rather DIY than buy.

  • Easy DIY Quote Sign – this is my favorite farmhouse decor DIY project. You can use any quote you like and it is the perfect way to give your home that rustic feel.

DIY Quote Sign

  • How to Use Milk Paint – this guide to using milk paint is a great way to bring out the rustic vintage look in old furniture.

How to use milk paint

  • Vintage Book DIY – an easy way to bring farmhouse decor in your home is by taking old books and giving them a quick makeover to make them look vintage and aged.

Farmhouse Decor Books DIY

Farmhouse Style Exterior

We have seen a lot of ideas for interior farmhouse decor ideas, but what about the outside of your home? What is a good way to incorporate the farmhouse style for the exterior of your home? Farmhouse exteriors are usually light or white in color and have rustic touches throughout the outside of the home. Let’s check out some of my favorite ways to add farmhouse style to your home exterior.

Modern day farmhouses are know for their metal roofing and rustic wood posts just like the photo below. I love how welcoming and cozy this exterior looks with it’s swing and large porch.

Source: Houzz

Another common theme farmhouses share are their black windows and doors. The look of black on white looks clean and gorgeous!

Source: Houzz

Here is another modern farmhouse beauty that incorporates beautiful black windows, a metal roof, and such a fun red door!

Modern Farmhouse Style

What is the difference of a classic farmhouse and a modern farmhouse style? The classic farmhouse has stood the test of time and is still classic and timeless but has also lead the way for the modern farmhouse style. Let’s check out some of the characteristics of both classic and modern farmhouse.

Characteristics of the Classic Farmhouse

  • Vintage furniture and decor: vintage furniture and decor is a true feature of the classic farmhouse. Classic farmhouses are filled with vintage furniture and accessories and a lot of times they are still in their original condition and finish.
  • Traditional linens and fabrics: floral prints were a common feature in classic farmhouses. You could find floral curtains and cushions throughout the classic farmhouse.
  • Natural home accents: wood was the most common building material for classic farmhouses which is why you would find aspects of wood throughout the inside and outside of the home.
  • Vintage appliances & apron sinks: you will still find farmhouse stoves and apron sinks in the classic farmhouses and some have been passed down from the years and brought back to life.

Characteristics of the Modern Farmhouse

  • Modern touches: just because you want a farmhouse style home doesn’t mean you have to give up on the modern. Today’s farmhouses tend to have new appliances and elements and they bring in the farmhouse style in other ways.
  • Neutral color schemes: this is a common theme in both classic and modern farmhouses with the difference being that modern farmhouses tend to be brighter and more white than the classic version.
  • Contemporary design elements: it’s very common for modern farmhouses to mix together modern and vintage design elements. These can go very well together if done in the right way.
  • Natural elements: this is also common with both modern farmhouses and classic farmhouses. They both tend to bring in natural elements like greenery and wood elements.

The Best Farmhouse Style Blogs & Sites

I do love talking about all things farmhouse over here at Life on Southpointe Drive, but I am not considered a “farmhouse style” site. What I mean is I definitely don’t do farmhouse as well as some others out there! If you’re looking for some really great farmhouse style blogs, here are some must follow farmhouse blogs!

  1. Farmhouse on Boone – I dream of being like Lisa and making my own bread and cooking the best fresh dinners for my family! She lives in a classic farmhouse that is oh so beautiful thanks to Lisa’s many talents!
  2. Boxwood Avenue – Chloe lives on a beautiful ranch home in California with her husband and goats and shares all things farmhouse recipes, decor, and gardening!
  3. Maison de Cinq – Shelia is known for her beautiful French farmhouse style. She has a gorgeous home and shares some of my favorite decorating tips and tricks.
  4. Making it in the Mountains – Kristi lives in her fun and pretty fixer upper and her farmhouse style will keep you sucked into her site for hours.
  5. My Uncommon Slice of Suburbia – just one of the things I love about Kristin’s house is the light neutral colors. All of her photos and decor are just so dreamy.


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This post contained some affiliate links for your convenience. For more info, please see my full disclosures here


How to Get Farmhouse Style

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